Wye Canoes are proud to be supporters of the Leave No Trace intitiative which is a useful guide for anyone who wishes to enjoy the outdoors but also wish to protect the environment, and we take guidelines from the Environment Agency and theCountryside Code.

There are a number of things that you should be aware of whilst out canoeing or hiking:

  • 1. Look after the river environment and avoid damaging the river banks or the bankside vegetation, water weed and gravel beds.
  • 2. Avoid dragging equipment over rock slabs and boulders.
  • 3. Do not disturb birds and other widlife you find along the river. Avoid areas used by wintering widlifte, nesting birds and spawning fish in the appropriate season. Stop your activity if you are clearly disturbing the widlife. Do not land on gravel shoals and islands between 1 April and 31 July.
  • 4. Never throw rubbish into the river, or leave it on the banks, carry all rubbish with you and dispose of it properly upon your return.
  • 5. Do not trespass on private banks and moorings.
  • 6. Be as quiet as possible – have respect for other river users and avoid spoiling the enjoyment of others.
  • 7. Follow the Countryside Code and have regard for others’ property.
  • 8. If canoeing in a group try to keep together, especially when passing anglers.
  • 9. Keep well clear of fishing tackle and pass anglers with as little noise and disturbance as possible.
  • 10. Fishing from a boat is not allowed unless you have a valid rod licence and permission from the owner/tenant of the fishery rights for the area.
  • 11. On certain parts of the Wye there are Motorised Craft, move to the side of the river to allow them to pass safely.
  • 12. When hiking or camping, travel or camp on durable ground and camping is only allowed in designated camping areas or with land owner’s permission. Wild Camping without permission is not permitted.
  • 13. Leave what you find.
  • 14. Minimize the effects of fire.