REC First Aid Course 9/10 January 2021 COVID UPDATE

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Further to last nights announcement by the government that the country is now in lockdown until mid-February it is now looking increasing unlikely that we will be able to run the REC First Aid Course this weekend despite us proposing to run it completely outdoors. The awarding body “Rescue Emergency Care” is yet to issue a formal statement hence us not currently cancelling and rescheduling the course, but the noises from senior trainers is that it’s likely to be a “NO” until we are out of lockdown. In the likely event that it is not possible to run the course this weekend we will be looking to reschedule for the next possible dates which at the moment are looking at either the 20/21 or 27/28 February 2021.

We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience at this difficult time, and we are hoping to have an official statement from REC by the end of the day at which point we can make a more solid plan for this weekend or rescheduling.


Stuart Wyley

Managing Director

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